Transform the way you throw

Banana peels
Leftover curry
Extra rice
Rotten dough
Coffee grounds
Stale bread
Expired curd
Because our modern lifestyle needs a fundamental change.

A decentralised system for your house waste.

AI powered tools that make waste reduction a part of your lifestyle because zero waste is not just a fancy trend,
it’s a lifestyle to be embraced and rewarded.
Super easy

Waste Stories

These are some feedbacks we collected from Bengaluru people who deal with waste daily.
  • I do not know when the garbage wala comes. The timing is so odd.

    Tanvi Nagar

    BTM Layout 2nd Stage

  • I don’t do segregation because I feel like my efforts won't matter since not everyone in my society does it.

    Selvaraj A K

    Rajaji Nagar

  • The first thing I do in the morning is run behind the garbage truck. Its a pursuit of garbage truck.

    Divya Sharma

    HSR layout

  • Occasionally, they don't come consecutively for days, and my waste stinks :( Once, it got fungus too. :O

    Mahalakshami Rao


  • It gets really hard to wake up at 7 just to throw my garbage out.

    Tvesha Narayan

    BSK 2nd stage

  • It's impossible to hear garbage truck whistles from my 6th-floor apartment.

    Vivek Singh


  • The trash truck's timing is so unpredictable; I need to make sure I am home when it comes.

    Ram Gowda


We hear you

What if we told you that we are working on a solution that eliminates the need to throw your stinky garbage altogether?

World’s first company empowering self waste management.

Enabling individuals to take control of their own waste. Whether you’re a GenZ, Millenial, or Baby Boomer, waste is something that we all generate and
it’s high time that we take charge of it so that our future generations aren’t born into a world drowning in waste.
Convert waste to something beautiful.