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Our unique approach

We believe that zero waste is essential for not only solving the ever increasing world's garbage crisis but also for significantly mitigating the climate change impact. It is the most economical way to protect our climate.


We are here to make this feasible for everyone. All you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps.

Image by Jasmin Sessler


Give us your dry scrap

We collect dry scrap at our collection centres. To maintain segregation at the source, you only need to categorise your scrap into 6 categories - plastic, metal, glass, paper, cardboard, electronics and give it at your nearest collection centre. We also provide onsite compost bin installation for effectively managing your wet waste.

Image by Syed Hussaini


Earn Z coins

In return of the dry scrap, you earn digital money a.k.a. Z coins on your Harstuff app. These Z coins are subjective to be enchashed and can be transferred to your personal bank account as per your choice.

Image by Brooke Cagle


Invest Z coins

To ensure circular economy at a single place, we provide an ecommerce platform of up/recycled products on our app, where you can directly buy and contribute to circular economy using your earned Z coins.

Image by Hikarinoshita Hikari


Build Z score

Z score is one of the first kind of rewarding system based on environmental worthiness, which will basically tell how much percentage you contributed in diverting the waste from going to landfills & oceans. More Z score, more Z coins.

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